From the beginning

In high school I ran Cross Country and Track throughout the entire year, so I never even thought about playing Rugby. I figured from the start I would attempt to run competitively in college. However, that all changed Junior year when a close friend asked me if I would come out to a preseason practice. Just attending that one practice hooked me for good, I loved everything about the sport and the team that I was going to join. The coaches and players had an immense impact on me immediately when I walked into the practice. They welcomed with open arms and were willing to work with me to understand the game.

The learning curve of being taught a sport that I had never heard of or even knew how to play was a huge challenge. However, just like everything in life practice makes perfect, With the help of the coaches and my teammates who had been playing for several years I was able to pick up the game rather quickly. I chose to continue Rugby because of the camaraderie and the physical aspect of the game. The team like other sports is a family and are there no matter what for each other. The physical aspect of the game was intriguing because I used to wrestle and I missed a contact sport. Another reason for me continuing rugby in high school was because of my decent success in playing. After talking to my coaches and teammates I had the confidence to look at playing at the collegiate level. As I continued playing throughout high school I decided that I wanted to pursue playing at the next level. Rugby became a huge motivator for me in choosing a college to attend. I had several options to choose from, however I decided to attend Millersville University. I chose the MU because of the community, the distance it was from home and all three of my high school coaches attended and played for Millersville Rugby. The team drew me here because of their strong long lasting traditions along with the ability of making a impact earlier than the other universities I was looking at. Ending my collegiate rugby career with Millersville will be one of the best decisions I will have made. Playing with these guys has taught me valuable lessons and has brought me a close group of friends.

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